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After a good meal, why not a Christmas game?

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The neither yes nor no game

  • Pin 5 to 10 clothespins on everyone’s clothes.
  • For a set time, no one is allowed to say no or yes.
  • To make sure you get it right, pin clothespins on everyone’s clothes.

Every time someone gets another person to say yes or no, they steal a pin and hang it on their clothes. Whoever has the most pins wins

A little tip: add more pins to young children to give them more chances.

The toast game:

  • Write guests’ names on small pieces of paper.
  • Put the papers in a hat or bowl.
  • Draw lots.

Each person picks a name and, during the evening, must make a personalized toast to the person drawn.

An interesting and fun little game to add a touch of cuteness to the evening.

Christmas song contest :

  • Form teams
  • Each team chooses a song (Christmas song or poultry song).
  • To spice things up, words in the text are changed to personalize the song.
  • Then, each team sings their Christmas song.

If you’d like a few more ideas, here’s a site that should help.

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