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Institut de Beauté Annette Weber-Krier

SUGARING 🤩🤩This method has become very popular in our institute. The sugar paste is 100% natural. It is based on thousand-year-old Middle Eastern recipes and contains only water and sugar, without any chemical, aromatic or coloring substances.
The paste is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. It can be applied to all areas. The paste is pushed into the follicle, envelops the hairs, surrounds them and lubricates them.
The extraction is done in the natural direction of hair growth. No broken hair remains in the follicle. This technique does not cause redness or irritation of the skin.
A significant advantage is that you don’t need to have a certain length of hair as with wax, sugar effectively removes very short hairs.
The wax can be removed without a strip.
We also suggest this method to teenagers for their first depilation and to people who want to have a complete depilation, because it is much less painful than waxing.