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Free Mug with any purchase of a local, eco-friendly clothing

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Jacques Schneider is a Luxembourg artist and activist committed to humanist values.
Together with the Grand Ducal Couple, Jacques Schneider has created a collection of ethical clothing featuring the Monogram of Their Royal Highnesses and the Crown. Collection here
Appointed in 2022 by His Royal Highness the Grand Duke: Knight of the Order of Civil and Military Merit Adolphe de Nassau.
The artist works through his creations for the living together, the equity, the preservation of the nature and the tradition, the transmission of our culture and a knowledge to make, the whole by respecting values such as the short circuits, the use of ethical raw materials, vegan with label Fairwear or Fairtrade.
Whether pictorial, sculptural, photographic, textile … his creations are bridges, open doors to the other, links.
The portraits and the collection of clothing are for the benefit of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess and the Association Stand Speak Rise Up. Receive your free Mug ‘Garçon Grand-Ducal or ‘Fille Grand-Ducale created by the artist Jacques Schneider himself. Want to know more about the foundation here

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