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ECOFEE Luxembourg’s LUPINE Coffee

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The aim of the ‘ECOFFEE’ company is to revolutionize the coffee market. Their coffee not only offers numerous ecological and social benefits compared to traditional coffee, but it is also incredibly delicious without any negative impact on health or the environment. Two young entrepreneurs from Luxembourg have a clear vision: to raise public awareness of a new type of coffee… lupin coffee.

The Initial Stages

Fynn Arbogast, in charge of Marketing, explains: ‘As soon as we decided to venture into the coffee business, and after familiarizing ourselves with lupin coffee and its benefits, we realized that traditional coffee is an ecological disaster. We understood that we could address these issues. Collaborating with our coach Philippe Linster from the House of Startups and his team, we were able to develop each aspect of the company’s operations’.

A Multi-Benefit Product

Regarding the project’s relevance, the company’s CEO, Alessio Calisti Thill, highlights the advantages of ecoffee over traditional coffee: “By sourcing lupin coffee beans, we’ve significantly reduced our transport emissions. Lupin flowers are cultivated throughout Europe, and we procure beans from a local supplier. Additionally, lupin cultivation is 95% more environmentally friendly in terms of water consumption compared to traditional coffee. Moreover, lupin is a self-reproducing plant, so we leave a positive impact on the environment. In terms of nutritional value, it contains ample protein and dietary fiber. Furthermore, our coffee lacks caffeic acids, making it better for mental and overall health.

Production: major Process

Speaking of production, the two entrepreneurs elaborate: “Our supplier harvests beans from their fields, where they are then roasted. This could potentially become one of our future activities. The farm supplying us is organically certified, ensuring high-quality coffee processing. Once the coffee delivery replenishes our stock, we grind and package it into our sales bags. We utilize an industrial grinding machine, and our coffee bags are made from 100% recycled materials, ensuring recyclability. Additionally, our sachets are FSC-certified, guaranteeing responsible environmental management and meeting the highest standards.

Our Customers

Fynn Arbogast adds: “Although we offer a unique product, it caters to anyone who enjoys coffee.”

Future Prospects

With plans to introduce new coffee beverages, establish regular sales stands, and invest in environmental initiatives, the team’s motivation remains unwavering. The company is poised to make significant strides in the coffee sector

Beyond ecoffee, a group of two boys from “Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg”, is on a mission to revolutionise Luxembourg with a unique type of beverage…The lupine coffee !  

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