Partners of the youth card

They have just joined us…

Why become a partner?

No minimum offer conditions but we recommend an attractive benefit ✨ and good deals on a regular basis

No long-term commitment: Just a pact 📝based on mutual 🎎 trust. In addition, you can modify your offer at any time.

Communication. 🎙We offer a free communication channel 🎯 on our social networks,Instagram and our carte jeunes and EYCA

But by the way, how much does it cost? Nothing at all

Becoming a partner of the youth card allows you to have a targeted communication 🎯channel in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 but also in 30 countries via EYCA 🇪🇺

A no-pressure partnership 🎎 based on trust.

Because our DNA is the information 💡 of young people. Become a member of the Youth Card family?👫🏻 It’s easy mail 📧 or ☎️ +352 26293-205.