Get or renew your European Youth Card / Hostelling International Card !

Payement by bank transfer : You just need to fill in this form, by mentionning if possible your phone number and your email address, and to transfer the amount of 10,00 euros on the account number IBAN LU39 0029 1394 8430 0000 at BIL, entitled « Centre Information Jeunes ». By mentionning your email address, you declare to accept the reception of the Newsletter by CIJ (maximum one time per month) and the newsletter Kompass from the luxembourgish youthhostels of Hostelling International.

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You can also purchase the European Youth Card / Hostelling International Card at Centre Information Jeunes, Centrale des Auberges de Jeunesse Luxembourgeoises or in any luxembourgish youthhostel of Hostelling International, or by completing this form and sending it to any of the aforementioned organisations.

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