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COCOTTES Fresh Home Made

Why Cocottes?
“It’s in the old pots that the best soups are made”, isn’t it?
And here we are talking about it in the literary sense of course! The name Cocottes comes from the small cast iron pot in which our grandmothers used to cook their dishes. We also thought that Cocottes sounded pretty good, it’s light, nice and it sounds like us! Do you want to test the best soup it’s here

Cocottes offers a free drink (Water, Coke or Ice Tea in a can) from 5€ purchase only in Cocottes Glacis, Cocottes Kirchberg, Cocottes Gare, Cocottes Ban de Gasperich, Cocottes Belval, Cocottes Merl (Wine not), Cocottes Rédange