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Hidden Sessions

HIDDEN SESSIONS is a festival consisting of 4 musical events in 4 unusual locations. It consists of music, art, sound and light installations and workshops. You will discover passionate artists with different styles of music, art installations made by various community associations and all this in beautiful, unusual and little known places. 2 days: 3 and 4 December 2022.

Saturday 03 December 2022: a warm and friendly atmosphere with a fire-eater who will dance his devil sticks to the rhythm of the music and a mapping (projection on the wall). Several DJs will make you forget the winter chill.

Sunday 04 December 2022: The lights will be on after the arrival of St Nicholas. Local artists, concerts, a light show and a mapping performance projected on the wall of the church. The mapping will be created by Luxembourg artists. A work of art that is bright, unifying, joyful, colourful and magical. All info here