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15% off on the workshop

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In its 20 years of existence, the Theatre School has enabled young people and adults to discover the stage and acting through our theatrical training. In 1999, four actors from the 90’s and after the “European Cultural Year” launched a workshop on Improvisation. In 2002 the school develops the Improvisation courses as a raw material and makes them the pillar of the acting development. In 2022, the youth courses start and will become an important quality of our school. You are passionate about theatre or acting, you want to get out of your everyday life, you want the pleasure of acting ✨the comedy. Theatre can help you bounce back from everyday situations, learn to communicate better🌈 or simply feel free 💃🏻🕺🏻 Our training courses are accessible to all ages and offer courses adapted to everyone. The school offers you a 15% discount on youth courses. You can do a one-day, weekend or week-long course depending on the programme. When you book a course, make sure you have the youth card 🤩 more information on the website

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