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Simon chose to follow the path of his passion by obtaining his CAP pastry. He used to work in finance and decided to stop all that to make delicious financiers; the pun was perfect. It was therefore quite natural that he created Simon le financier, a brand of 100% natural, inclusive cakes made in Luxembourg. The concept: quality artisanal cakes, made with healthy and local ingredients, to highlight the know-how of our regional producers. All products are made in professional and social inclusion workshops in Luxembourg by people with disabilities. They are manufactured by the Ligue HMC in Capellen and packaged by the Fondation Kräizbierg in Dudelange. The range currently consists of three delicacies: the famous almond financier, the incredible chocolate moelleux and the delicious choco/almond cookie. Dive into your childhood memories and let yourself be lulled by this whirlwind of flavours. Share a moment of pure pleasure by visiting his website Delivery possible in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium.

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