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As a youth card holder, you benefit from assistance*

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24-hour call number +32 2 533 75 75. In Luxembourg: After hospitalisation following a traffic accident, your return home and the transport of your bicycle or moped. A travel information service (pre-departure information, travel conditions, vaccinations, etc.). A leisure information service (culture, sports, clubs, restaurants).
Abroad: Medical repatriation and transport. Return of a companion holding the European Youth Card. Payment of travel expenses for a member of your family to come to your bedside abroad. Advance payment of medical and hospitalisation expenses abroad. Coverage of adequate accommodation costs for family reasons, repatriation in the event of the death of a relative in Luxembourg. An advance of funds up to a maximum of €500 in the event of theft or loss of money abroad. Luggage assistance in case of theft or loss. Transmission of urgent messages from abroad to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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