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Get involved, by Esther

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In an constantly changing world, where opportunities and challenges abound, Esther shares her thoughts on youth involvement. For her, community involvement is crucial, especially in these times. Her message is ‘get involved’, whether in youth parliaments, sports clubs or community activities. For her, involvement is not just about making a contribution to society, but also about personal and professional enrichment.

What are the benefits of community involvement ?

Helps develop skills, cultivate leadership, social responsibility and the ability to work as part of a team. But above all, personal development. These experiences are invaluable in preparing young people for adult life.

What impact does this have on your career development ?

First of all, it boosts your CV. Commitment sets you apart from other candidates. It shows a willingness to learn, grow and develop. Another important point is the development of a network, which is essential in Luxembourg, as you meet people from different backgrounds who can open doors for the future.

A warm and inclusive welcome :

Despite my lack of experience, my young age and my origins, I’ve always been accepted and welcomed.
The beauty of commitment: its accessibility and inclusiveness.

Conclusion :

I encourage ‘you’ young readers, take the initiative to get involved in your community.
It improves the society as a whole, generating a positive impact and the opportunity to make a real difference.
Explore the various ways you can get involved: sport, art, politics or simply any form of activity.

We need you to get involved.

Communication, public speaking, negotiation and articulation are all qualities that will be useful both in everyday life and in a professional career.

Here are some ideas for how to get involved: MoreIn24, Jugendparlament, LUXMUN, UNICEF, etc.

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