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Rail passenger rights

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As rail passengers, they benefit from certain rights granted by the 2001 European regulation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations.

Prior to travel, passengers must be informed about :

🚉The fastest journeys

🚉The lowest fares

🚉Onboard services

During the trip, they must be informed about :

🚉Main connections

🚉Service delays or interruptions

🚉On-board services

🚉 Complaint procedures

In the event of a delay of at least 1 hour or in the event of cancellation, they can choose between :

🚉Cancel the journey and request a full refund of the ticket if the journey is no longer of interest (including journeys already made), or a refund for journeys not made.

🚉Continue the journey to the final destination and arrive as soon as possible or on the chosen date.

If you decide to continue your trip, you may be entitled to compensation:

🚉The train is between 60 min and 119 min late: 25% of the ticket price.

🚉The train is 120 min or more late: 50% of the ticket price.

Please note that compensation is not due:

🚉In the event of exceptional circumstances.

🚉In the event of fault on the part of the traveler.

🚉In the event of fault on the part of a third party (personal accident, cable theft, etc.).

For more information on this subject, please consult the infosheet of the Centre Européen des Consommateurs Luxembourg.

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