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Sam a passionate about politics and democracy.

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As President of the Youth Parliament, the strength of a country and its democracy depends on the power of its citizens.

A natural orator, straight to the point, balancing his studies at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch, scouting, sport and political volunteering.
His outspokenness and passion for defending the causes that are close to his heart make him a young man who is listened to and recognized.
At the age of 17, Sam will tell you all about his passion for politics!

For him, democracy depends on its citizens. By educating and involving citizens, democratic power and structures are strengthened.

As a young man, he made it his mission. A responsible citizen, on all fronts.

But how can we, as young people, succeed in this mission ?
  • By joining youth groups and associations as much as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you think.
  • By drafting notes to ensure that young people’s voices are understood.
A example of this action :
  • Debate in the Chamber to defend the right to vote at 16.
But what are the advantages of such implications ?
  • It’s simple : be heard !
  • The special feature of our country, Luxembourg, is of course its influence, but not only. People often meet politicians in the street or on other occasions.
  • Meet the Prime Minister while strolling through town is not complicated, and it’s not extraordinary.
  • The other important point is that if you don’t get involved, decisions will be made for you !
  • This means that your future, your life, will be in other people’s hands.
  • Is that what you want?
  • If you get involved in youth groups and movements, then your opinion will be heard!
Where can I register ?
  • Sam admits that what’s missing is a comprehensive and comprehensible list of youth groupes ans how to get in touch with them.
  • Tips : social networks, newspapers or youth information points (JIP) can be a source of information.

His sentence in newspaper ‘Le Quotidien’ ? ‘We’d prefer to be sermonized in the Chamber than to be in front of people who ignore us’.

It’s commitments are :

Perhaps another mission for him? Making a list, but that’s another story.

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