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The driver doesn’t drink!

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Despite repeated campaigns by the Sécurité Routière and a more repressive policy, the problem of drink-driving persists !

In collaboration with ACL, we offer a few suggestions :
  • RAOUL must always be present! Choose a designated driver from your group who agrees not to drink alcohol.
  • RAOUL will give you a safe ride home.
  • The choice of RAOUL is always made before the party.
  • You can find all the information you need on ACL.

If you have guests, you also have responsibilities !

  • Please ensure that non-alcoholic beverages are always available.
  • One of your friends has had too much to drink: put him up or call a cab or the night rider

Be responsible :

  • Check the number of drinks you’ve had, as restaurant guests are often served from the same glass.
  • If someone doesn’t want to drink, respect their decision.

Some myths and misconceptions :
  • 95% of absorbed alcohol is eliminated by the liver. FALSE : nothing can speed up this process !
  • Drinking large quantities of water, taking a cold shower or drinking a strong cup of coffee : INEFICACY.

And finally, here’s a reminder of the law ! For more information, please visit the road safety website.

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