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Are you aware of your rights as a European traveler?

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Travelling is often synonymous with pleasure, but it can happen that your plane is cancelled, your train is delayed, your bus is overbooked or that you incur issues when getting ready to embark on a cruise. So various circumstances can indeed ruin your trip. In order to avoid such situations, the European Union has adopted several legislative acts to guarantee your rights as a traveler in the EU.

Package travel, also known as organized travel, is a set of tourist arrangements offered by a travel organizer. It can be a “turnkey” holiday or a holiday composed of a selection of personalized elements offered by a professional. Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of 25 November 2015 strengthens the rights of consumers that book travel packages.

In Luxembourg, the Directive was transposed by the law of 25 April 2018 amending the Consumer Code (“Code de la consommation”) with respect to package travel and related travel services…” (applicable to contracts signed as of 1 July 2018). Among other things, it establishes the following rights:

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