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15% off on all jewels

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Astartelux is committed to create Astartelux Jewelry ethically, using environmentally sustainable methods and it takes this responsibility seriously, so that everyone involved in their production process has rightly benefited. We are passionate about creating unique pieces of jewelry, but not at the cost of our planet’s future or the creatures we share it with. We believe sustainability is about transparently addressing our impacts on the environment and the people in our ecosystem, and we believe that adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run. We are mindful of the impact we have on the Earth and constantly strive to minimize it, by using recycled gold and silver, responsibly sourced gemstones, vegan cleaning and polishing materials. Find out more about our material

To buy the jewels visit the webiste here 15% off with the code CJE22LU. Free shipping all over the world.

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