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Your rights in the case of baggage delays or loss

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Flying doesn’t always go according to plan… but fortunately, in Europe, there are rules to protect consumers in the case of lost or delayed luggage.

Baggage is delayed when it is not present when you get off the plane, but is delivered within delivered within 21 days.

If, while your baggage is delayed, you purchase basic necessities (hygiene products, underwear, etc.), keep all receipts and invoices to claim reimbursement from the airline.

But beware, airlines check all invoices, so only buy back products you absolutely need.

Baggage is considered lost if the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage
or if your baggage is not delivered to you within 21 days of your arrival.

Consult the European Consumer Centre’s infosheet to find out what to do if your luggage is lost or delayed.
in the case of loss or delay of your baggage.

The Centre Européen des Consommateurs GIE Luxembourg (CEC Luxembourg) is dedicated to inform, advise and assist Luxembourg and European residents, free of charge in their cross-border disputes.

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